Understanding and autonomy. as demonstrated by the story of Chris Packman. Not surprisingly. it is considered a “high functioning” disorder. READ ALSO Tests for bitter mouth. Which ones to perform? Let’s. here is the calendar for the 2023 2024 school year discover the complete 2023 2024 school calendar World Day to Fight HPV. The importance of prevention Doctor with female patient sitting on the couch The pathology. whose causes are unfortunately not yet known. Manifests itself in the most serious cases with. Insistence on monotony Impairment of social interactions Narrow range of interests Hyperactivity It’s still.

This disorder is very often associated

Limited concentration Limited motor coordination Australia Telegram Number Data Academic difficulties. Emotional vulnerability If autism affects approximately 4 children out of 10.000. it is estimated that. Asperger’s syndrome reaches peaks of 20 25 out of 10.000. with a higher incidence in boys rather than girls. Without a reason fully explainable by science. Furthermore. for reasons once again unknown. With other pathologies such as Tourette’s syndrome . attention or mood problems. such as depression or anxiety. However. it is important to note that. compared to other forms of autism. This syndrome does not always create problems in terms of social integration.

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Pharmacological treatments therefore target

work and marriage. for example. are completely Cambodia Phone Number List common in adults with Asperger’s . The potential for a normal adult life is therefore not precluded. to the point that in 30 50% of all individuals presenting with this disorder. there has never been a certain and proven evaluation or diagnosis. Unfortunately. there are no cures. specific behavioral symptoms. Hyperactivity . for example. is treated in some cases with antidepressants. while manic and obsessive rituals with antipsychotic drugs. Certainly. the so called social style training is more useful than many pharmacological therapies. these interventions. in fact. aim at the acquisition of social skills . The role of the sports medicine specialist is binding. The doctor.