The study of animals that essentially lack them. Which show alterations of many parameters. as well as the anomalous development of some organs and the lymphatic system. All these dysfunctions. however. are reduced. Or disappear whenever the microbiota is reconstituted. Suggesting several areas in which this plays a fundamental role. Firstly. as we have seen. The microbiota performs essential functions at a metabolic level . The several thousand species that require it. in fact. Present a very varied enzymatic set and. above all. profoundly different from ours. The colon. for example. acts as a bioreactor .

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Non digestible residues of the food consumed become Kuwait Telegram Number Data the substrate. the daily bread of the microbiota. This. through fermentation. leads to the formation of some fatty acids which tend to block the growth of potential pathogens. protecting our organism. Not only. The microbiota stores energy from polysaccharides introduced with the diet and regulates the production of vitamins. The protective role played by the microbiota. then. is absolutely beyond question. microbiota. what is the function The bacteria that inhabit our intestine represent a fundamental barrier that inhibits the entry and development of microorganisms coming from the outside world.

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The origin of many gastrointestinal diseases . Finally.  its crucial role in the development of the immune system ? Thanks to continuous contact with Latvia Phone Number List the elements of the microbiota and the molecules they produce. the immune system gets used to satisfying two apparently contrasting needs. defend the organism from real threats. including abnormal growth of the microbiota itself; “tolerate” microbes and molecules that do not present characteristics “at risk” of causing damage to the organism. In short. organs and structures of our immune system do not seem to develop correctly if the organism does not come into contact with microbes.