People with myositis do not respond adequately to treatments and find that their condition significantly affects their daily lives. In cases of severe myositis. serious communication. Breathing. and/or swallowing problems may develop. and therefore. Tongue rehabilitation therapy may be recommended. Rarely. Myositis can be associated with cancer and. in this case. it will be appropriate to treat the carcinoma to also solve the problems resulting from myositis. What is the physical treatment for myositis? If you suffer from myositis. Particular attention must be paid to physical activity. Especially if there are serious symptomatic manifestations.

Most specialists recommend rest

Abstention from physical exercise during illness. However. it is very important to maintain some movement of the muscle and joint. Especially Japan Telegram Number Data if myositis develops in childhood. This ensures that the joints do not stiffen and take a fixed position. Modest. gradual intensity training can be started under medical supervision. This type of activity should always be monitored by a physiotherapist. How to fight muscle inflammation? Steroids are the main type of drugs against myositis and dermatomyositis; they can be found both in creams for topical use and in tablets for oral use. However. be careful with high doses of steroids which. if high. can cause side effects. such as weight gain.

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Cataracts and osteoporosis

hypertension. diabetes.  If necessary. your doctor may Malaysia Phone Number List prescribe  antirheumatic drugs DMARDs. which by hindering the immune system. help reduce inflammation. Although the action of these drugs is rather slow. in the long term it can lead to a reduction in the intake of steroid drugs. thus decreasing the risk of related side effects. Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy may be necessary in very severe cases of myositis. which is when muscle weakness is causing life threatening breathing and swallowing problems. This therapy can produce rapid improvement in symptoms. but it is very expensive and its benefits last only a few weeks.