The company of animals seems to be much more satisfying for him than that of human beings. His best friend. his dog Scratchy. On the other hand.  Because Chris’s world is different. His senses are much more pronounced. so much so . But now. Asperger’s has made me what I am “. declared the presenter. who has done everything to conquer this profession. Learning to always look people in the eye and. above all. Refraining from inappropriate comments. at certain times or situations. Chris is sure of it. without Asperger’s he would never have been able to have this knowledge. Which allowed him to be lucky on the BBC channels.

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And encyclopedic knowledge seems to be Belgium Telegram Number Data characteristic of many of the individuals who suffer from this disorder. a few months ago. last July. a similar case had conquered international headlines. do you remember the child who ran into the Charlie. 10 years old. with Asperger’s syndrome . had noticed that on a panel the Oviraptor label incorrectly indicated another extinct species. Protoceratops. Asperger’s syndrome. the story of Chris Packham «There is no doubt that in the past a large number of people who were instrumental in the progress of our society had autism spectrum disorders» –  explained the well known television presenter – « The strong point. however.

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The idea of ​​comparing autism to a tumor

To think about this neurological difference as Australia Phone Number List extremely advantageous to our species. There are many aspects of Asperger’s that are positive. I don’t like which requires a sort of educational chemotherapy . ” Asperger’s syndrome. relative of autism. the disorder without causes Asperger syndrome is a pervasive developmental disorder. considered a close relative of autism  in which the differences are often mitigated. It is therefore considered a neuro biological pathology of the autistic spectrum but. in these cases. there is not always a significant impairment of intelligence.