Connect with Your Audience using a Strong Social Media Strategy

Social media plays a key role in your school’s TOFU to BOFU marketing, particularly when it comes to the top and middle stages. At the top of the funnel, it could be used to increase brand awareness—introducing prospects to your school’s mission and how it works Connect with Your  towards achieving it. Towards the middle of the funnel, social media can be relied on as a tool for generating engagement and building trust. As prospects begin to seek out more information about your school, they can turn to social media for answers. This information can range from student life and campus atmosphere to student resources and program benefits.

Focus on SEO to Boost Your Connect with Your  School’s Online Visibility

Example: Automotive Training  have created. An eye-catching infographic that effectively summarizes Telegram Number Data  the key benefits of pursuing a trade career. This content can appeal to prospects interested in automotive trades, pushing them to continue further down the admissions enrollment funnel. Your prospects may turn to social media to discover your school’s community. With a strong social media strategy. You can draw them in and cultivate a keen interest in your school’s programs, community, and campus.

Source: Webster Vienna Private University

Your school can share compelling In a short video, Randolph-Macon Academy showcases its unique student life experience. Here, catchy music BTB Directory and fun, high-quality shots pull the viewer in: Another example of high-fidelity content includes attention-grabbing infographics. These infographics can be a way for your school to attract prospects more easily and convey information. Because of their visual format, infographics can serve as great additions to your school’s blog or social media content.

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