Which cause disability both on a personal level and on a social.  Emotional and family level. Let’s learn to recognize some signs and evaluate. When it is appropriate to contact a mental health specialist for a possible check up. Or hypomanic phase? Let’s see together which aspects must necessarily be evaluated to understand if we are in the presence of a  manic episode typical of bipolar disorder. To try to understand what are the key factors that characterize a hypothetical manic episode and whether you are going through or have gone through in the past a hypomanic or manic phase.

It is best to start by asking yourself

the following questions. READ ALSO Avian flu India Telegram Number Data in cats. alarm in Poland Avian infection in cats in Poland Natural anti inflammatory. which are the most powerful Turmeric herbal tea Vaccine and antibiotic. here’s what you need to know Doctor draws vaccine with a syringe Do you need less sleep? Do you feel more active? Do you have high confidence in yourself and your abilities? Do you engage in risky behavior by risky behavior we mean. drinking alcohol. driving recklessly. using drugs. gambling? Are you feeling irritable? Are you more uninhibited than usual? Do you speak faster? Are you more sexually active than usual? Do you have serious difficulty concentrating? Do you quickly go from one activity to another.

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You answered affirmatively to most of the questions

Without being able to stop? If . this could be an Iran Phone Number List indication that now or in the past. you have gone through a period of hypomania characterized therefore by a feeling of grandiosity and omnipotence. of high self esteem. with characteristics of expansiveness or irritability. It is important to underline that the symptoms that characterize manic episodes. to be considered such. must be sufficiently severe to cause impairment in the areas of functioning of the individual affected and therefore compromise the social. work or school sphere.