The depressive phase that follows or precedes the manic and hypomanic phase is characterized by depressed mood . Loss of interest or pleasure in main activities. weight loss. Lack of appetite. accompanied by feelings of guilt. Inadequacy or desperation which can lead to recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal. Try to answer these questions honestly to understand if. You have gone through or are going through a phase in your life characterized by depressive symptoms. a probable warning sign of a more serious mood disorder .

Do you feel sad and hopeless

The day every day? Do you feel disappointed in yourself? Do you Indonesia Telegram Number Data cry often? Have you lost interest in people and activities? Do you feel guilty? Do you feel tired and lacking energy? Have you lost weight or have no appetite? Do you struggle to concentrate? Have you had thoughts of death or thought about ending it? Also in this case. if your answer is yes to the majority of the questions. we recommend that you contact a psychologist or psychotherapist with whom you can evaluate the possibility of carrying out a process aimed at ascertaining the possible presence of a mood disorder .

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Self evaluation tool has the sole purpose of carrying Indonesia Phone Number List out a reflection on your own way of feeling and experiencing everyday life. as usual. we invite you to contact a specialist in the event that you believe that you or someone close to you is suffering of bipolar disorder . We have all had painful feet at least once in our lives . high heels. uncomfortable shoes. long periods of time spent standing. blisters. calluses and incorrect postures represent the most common causes of this disorder which. however. can constitute one of the symptoms. of pathologies such as sciatica or osteomyelitis. Among the many problems. it is often the calluses on our feet that prevent us from sleeping at night. Here’s what to do to eliminate them.