A perfect scenario for slipper lovers, if it weren’t for the usual recurring winter flu . In fact, precisely when temperatures drop drastically. The body is more exposed to bacterial and viral infections , also thanks to  the attack of cold and pathogens. A double problem is that of infections, which if not treated adequately can become chronic in more serious diseases. Such as kidney infections, including  pyelonephritis .  Let’s see how to recognize these pathologies, which very often present the same symptoms as a banal seasonal ailment. the onset of pyelonephritis can be favored by some conditions: Urinary system abnormalities. Such as polycystic kidney disease and ureterocele. Kidney stones Obstruction of the urinary tract Furthermore. 

What are kidney infections

Kidney infections present symptoms such as fever. Chills Italy Phone Number Data associated with urination disorders and continuous lower back pain. Furthermore, when these disorders become accentuated, they can cause nausea and vomiting. Kidney infections are mostly caused by bacteria that overcome the immune defenses, pass through the urinary tract and affect. Urethra , causing urethritis Bladder , causing cystitis Kidneys , causing pyelonephritis. However, there are cases in which a flu that is not properly eradicated causes a worsening of symptoms and affects. pyelonephritis may affect immunosuppressed subjects, those with. HIV, diabetes mellitus and those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 

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The urinary tract and kidneys

What is pyelonephritis? One of these infections USA Phone Number List that involves the kidneys is pyelonephritis , which originates from an ongoing infection that is neglected or poorly treated, especially if the infection was generated in the lower urinary tract, allowing pathogenic bacteria to ascend from the urethra, actually affecting the kidney tissue. READ ALSO Saphenectomy: What to know about saphenous vein removal Let’s find out what the operation to remove the saphenous vein consists of The symptoms of schizophrenia: how to recognize them and treat it Here are the symptoms of schizophrenia Sciatica, better hot or cold? woman with back pain on the sofa In addition to infections that are overlooked or mistaken for a banal seasonal ailment.