The subjects most exposed to this kidney infection are children and elderly people over 60 years of age. Gender is also crucial.  due to the shape of the genitals, having the urethra very close to the anus. Furthermore, pyelonephritis can occur during pregnancy and in cases of chronic and recurrent cystitis. Men can also suffer from pyelonephritis. However, its onset is linked to various anomalies, such as an enlargement of the prostate or an alteration of antibacterial prostatic secretion. How is pyelonephritis treated ? As with common bacterial infections.

Pyelonephritis must be treated

The severity of the situation, but also based on the Israel Phone Number Data type of bacterial colony that is causing the infection. In fact, before administering the antibiotic, it is necessary to perform a culture test, through which it is possible to understand. The type of pathogen and establish the targeted antibiotic. Pyelonephritis is mainly caused by Escherichia coli. However the infection can be caused by other bacterial colonies, such as : Klebsiella Enterobacter. Pseudomonas It is important to remember that pyelonephritis can be due to. A fungal infection rather than a viral one. Furthermore, taking antibiotics when it is not strictly necessary. Weakens the immune system and exposes the body to viruses and bacteria. Excess zeal and neglect can therefore lead to the same problems.

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The fungus that causes candida

For example, when not eradicated, can lead to a Uk Phone Number List worsening of the infection. After establishing the targeted antibiotic for the bacterial colony. The therapy lasts between 5 and 7 days, to avoid the risk of relapses. Furthermore, for chronic pyelonephritis , caused by bacterial implantation following the acute event. Antibiotic therapy exceeds the expected duration and can be continued for up to 12 weeks. Pyelonephritis and seasonal flu do not always go hand in hand, but it is important to avoid self-diagnosis and self-medication and contact your doctor, to prevent the disease from becoming very serious.