Smokers are more exposed than others to heart, lung and vascular. Therefore, diseases and the consequent risk of heart attack. The effects of passive smoking should not be underestimated. Constant exposure to third-party smoke is just as serious as active smoking. Hypertension –  High blood pressure is listed as a primary risk factor. It works “silently”, i.e. Therefore, without particular symptoms and manifestations, causing laceration of the blood vessels and exposing the patient to the risk of a heart attack. –  It is necessary to undergo periodic medical. Therefore, checks to be able to verify the presence of certain pathologies, especially affecting the heart, and to identify.

A person suffers from hypertension

The relevant treatment in a short time. (i.e. is hypertensive), when: the minimum blood pressure (or diastolic pressure) “constantly. Therefore, exceeds Iran Phone Number Data the value of 90 mm/Hg and the maximum blood pressure (or systolic pressure) “constantly” exceeds the value of 140 mm/Hg. Periodic blood pressure checks can help define suitable therapies for cases of hypertension. The risk of high blood pressure is greater in older subjects and. Therefore, in those with a family history in which similar cases are recorded. Cholesterol –  The excessive presence of lipids is fertile ground for bad cholesterol (LDL).

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In these cases it is best to follow

A therapy, appropriately prescribed, aimed at UAE Phone Number List replenishing the levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL). Nutrition –  As always, nutrition plays a fundamental role in determining our state of well-being. In America, deaths from heart attacks are significantly higher than in other states, due to the high number of obese people. A diet based on vegetables, fish, lean meats, cereals and low fat content, a notable reduction in excesses and consumption of refined foods and an equal distribution of food throughout the day are relevant factors for reducing the risk of heart attack. Dedicating yourself to a hobby, reading a book.