The parts of the body most affected are the face (especially the chin and upper lip), the chest, the breast areolas, the abdomen, the back, the buttocks, the thighs. High levels of androgens can in fact lead to irregular menstrual cycles , acne, a masculine voice and enlarged shoulder muscles. When the cause is Cushing’s disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and thinning of the skin may instead occur. Help “against hair” comes from nutrition. Fighting hirsutism in a natural way is possible: try with nutrition! Choose foods rich in. B vitamins, in particular B2, B3, B5 and B6, useful for rebalancing hormonal aspects altered by stress.

But also of trace elements such as magnesium

A fundamental ally to avoid tiredness and fatigue. The best India Mobile Number Data foods to limit hair growth are: Tomatoes Cherries Blueberries. Pumpkin Peppers Legumes Refined foods such as pasta, white bread, sugar and foods of animal origin should also be reduced. Furthermore, alcohol, tobacco and fatty foods such as: French fries Cookies Cracker. Sweets Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself constantly throughout the day by drinking lots of water. It is also essential to do regular physical activity. When the use of drugs is the only possible alternative. The use of drugs is strictly related to the triggering cause: obviously, in all these cases, starting treatments is absolutely recommended for the treatment of the disorder, and not for problems related to hair.

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In the case of a polycystic ovary

For example, it may be necessary to administer France Phone Number List contraceptives to regulate hormones and drugs to reduce testosterone synthesis. In the case of stress, however, the therapy aims to limit the latter. Finally, in the case of tumors, surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy will be essential. At the same time as pharmacological therapies, laser hair removal can be used  , as well as permanent hair removal using pulsed light, electrolysis or diathermy. It seems that acupuncture can also reduce the length and hardness of hair, but there is not enough data on this to be able to confirm this with certainty.