Pregnancy and work? What are the rights?  moments of. A woman’s life with work commitments? Do rights and protections change depending on the profession ? There are many questions that afflict working women. When they decide to plan a pregnancy or discover they are expecting. In this sense, fortunately. Italy is one of the countries that guarantees greater protection, especially following the approval of Law 151 of 2001.  Consolidated text of legislative provisions regarding the protection and support of maternity and paternity ‘, which provides.

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Maternity leave also called ” mandatory abstention ” from Korea Phone Number Data work: it is a period of 5 months (two months before the supposed date of birth and three after) in which the woman by law must abstain from work. Furthermore, there is the possibility for the employee to continue working during the eighth month and to extend the period of leave after giving birth, provided that the doctor certifies the state of good health. Dismissal The law prohibits the employer from dismissing the woman from the beginning of the pregnancy until the child is one year old. However, there are exceptions if. READ ALSO Kidney pain and swollen belly woman puts a hand on her sore back Smog alarm in Milan and the Lombardy provinces.

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World Brain Week: prevention strategies Model German Phone Number of the brain Serious fault on the part of the employee, just cause may be sufficient to fire the worker. However, if the worker is fired during her maternity leave she can still benefit from the envisaged allowance. Closure of the company where the worker is employed. Expiration of the terms of the fixed-term contract. Failure of the trial period. Permissions Pregnant workers are entitled to a series of paid leaves to carry out prenatal tests, clinical tests or specialist medical visits, if they need to be done during working hours. Furthermore, during the child’s first year.