Their ill-concealed intent is to make you understand that it’s over but they don’t have the courage to say it clearly ,” he explains, “ what they actually want to communicate is that they don’t want to commit to you and not that. Hair removal and hirsutism … what a “beard”, how boring! Shaving is a hassle, we have to admit it. But which woman doesn’t want to have a well-hydrated face and body, without blemishes and, above all, without hair? Unwanted hair is the torment of women. To eliminate unwanted hair and fluff, we rely on tweezers, a beautician, laser treatments, depilatory or bleaching creams.

There are more serious conditions

In some cases, hair production can become a Hong Kong Phone Number Data real disorder. In fact, if limited body hair is normal,  in which the quantity of excess hair is truly significant. Let’s talk for example about hirsutism , in which excess hair grows especially in typically male places, such as above the upper lip, on the chin, on the back and on the chest. Let’s see together what it is and what to eat to help eliminate “excess” hair. What are the causes of hirsutism? The main cause of excessive hair production is hormonal. When the levels of androgens (male sexual hormones also present to a lesser extent in women) are too high, the consequence is the manifestation of male sexual characteristics such as hirsutism , acne and a masculine tone of voice.

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Which are usually hairy in men

At the basis of a hormonal imbalance there are Estonia Phone Number List often conditions such as: Polycystic ovary syndrome Cushing’s syndrome Adrenal gland tumors Or, again: Ovarian tumors Stress, which induces overproduction of cortisol Using anabolic steroids, which can change hormone levels in the body Hirsutism can also have a genetic imprint, in fact it is more common in women from the Middle East, the Mediterranean area and South Asia. Obviously, the main and obvious symptom is the presence of excess hair :  the hair can be hard and black, especially in some areas of the body  but hairless in women.