We have seen, hours emerges from a study which was able to. Certify an increase in at these moments of the day. In particular, these are heart attacks in which there is obstruction of. A coronary artery leading to the total arrest of blood flow in the heart tissue. In the jargon, we speak of a Stemi heart attack : in these cases, in fact, an alteration. Known as “elevation of the trace in the segment called ST” is recorded in the electrocardiogram. This is the first study to investigate the shift in the number of heart attacks from day to night in the hottest period of the year.

The indication relating to the night

It would be the intensity of the light, rather than its USA Phone Number Data duration, that determines this variation in the ratio of heart attacks during the daytime hours compared to the nighttime hours. The consequences? Rather serious, according to the words of Dr. Enrico Ammirati , cardiologist at the De Gasperis Cardio Center at the Niguarda hospital in Milan, is one of the authors of the study. “ If more heart attacks happen at night, there could potentially be. A longer delay between the time you realize you have a heart attack and getting to hospital to receive appropriate treatment .

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New research will be needed to confirm

Obviously,  these observations .” In the meantime, however, one thing remains certain. There are some small precautions to try to  prevent a Taiwan Phone Number List heart attack . Here they are. Preventing a heart attack is possible: here’s how In short, here are some simple rules which, if applied consistently, could help significantly reduce the number of deaths from heart attacks : READ ALSO A patch to monitor heart health Getting married is good for the heart Heart disease: what if an eye test could help us predict it? Eyes and Heart Awareness of one’s health status.