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Remember the legend of Isaac Newton who sat under a tree until an apple fell – then it occurred to him that the fall of bodies to the Earth and the movement of celestial bodies are caused by gravity? Maybe he could discover the same under different conditions, but most of us need a stimulus to come up with something creative, which is why it is so important to absorb everything that surrounds us. Pinterest One of the most inspiring applications can be Pinterest – a social channel that allows you to create an unlimited number of thematic boards to which you can pin graphic materials from websites.Blinkist makes them into a pill that you can read or listen to in 15 minutes.

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Thanks to Blinkist, I get to know a lot of new books, so I know later which ones are worth my more attention and read in full. Photo: blinkist/ 3. Content aggregates – Feedly, Pocket Feedly Photo: own Of course, I also get a daily dose of inspiration phone number list from news from the world of politics, marketing, art. Technology and design – I collect all the websites that interest me in Feedly, a news aggregation. Features I use frequently include: marking texts to read later.  Pinning to specific boards articles that I don’t want to lose.

From the application level or thanks

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Extensions in the search engine. I can add any articles to my boards. feedly/ pockets Pocket works similarly – an application that. Is used to save and read articles or other content for later directly from the search engine or other applications. Worth reading with others. getpocket/ 4. Groups in social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora. Inbound BTB Directory and profiles of famous brands A decent dose of inspiration on a daily. Basis is also provided by groups in social media or forums. It depends on the industry which of them will be the most relevant, while in marketing. Certainly following groups regarding e. with other people’s problems and their solutions.

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