If you manage to choose the right logistics partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Happy customer
If your logistics partner has responsive CS, real-time data, fast delivery, and can accommodate distant provinces, you will have customers who will happily come back to your store for new purchases.

Shipping to Southeast Asian Countries (SEA) : Does it accommodate countries in Southeast Asia?

Delivery Outside SEA : Can it be shipped to countries outside Southeast Asia?

Freight Forwarding Services : Does it offer a delivery service?

Fewer Cancellation Rates

Online sellers and brands who get products delivered to customers quickly get better customer retention and positive reviews. The impact on your business is, of course, better conversion rates and fewer cancellation rates.

Good Customer Reviews
In addition to increased conversion phone number list rates, these positive reviews have the ability to increase customer trust, improve branding and increase product visibility.

Criteria For Logistics Provider Details
Tracking : can the customer track the delivery status?

Domestic / International Shipping : Does the logistics provider deliver domestically or internationally?

Business-to-Customer (B2C) Delivery : Can you provide delivery services to B2C platforms like Lazada and Shopee?

Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Delivery : Can it provide shipping services to C2C platforms like Etsy and eBay?

Warehousing Does logistics offer warehousing services

phone number list

Apps on iOS : Is there an iOS app customers can use?

Apps on Google Store : Are there any Google Store apps customers can use?

Indonesian Logistics Provider For eCommerce Brands & Sellers
Indonesian logistics provider

Below are the 20 most credible and reliable Indonesian logistics providers for eCommerce brands and sellers.

1. Express JNE
JNE Express is one of the trusted logistics services in Indonesia. It has more than 1,500 exclusive service points where it achieves its goal of servicing time sensitive documents and parcels domestically and internationally. Sicepat Ekspres is an Indonesian logistics provider whose operations began in 2004. It specializes in express domestic deliveries that promise to BTB Directory complete deliveries within 15 to 24 hours. It is known for its specialty in using technology to innovate and improve their logistics services. Even though it doesn’t have branches outside Indonesia, Sicepat Ekspres makes domestic and international deliveries.