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Its implementation is now available to everyone both in the Power eitor , in the ad builder and in the ad API. Appearance The ad will appear in users’ fees alongside photos share by their friends, family members and other Instagram accounts they follow. All ads have a “Sponsore” icon in the upper right corner of the image. Each ad has a call-to-action (CTA) button below the image. The available buttons to determine the reaction you want to evoke in the recipients when they see the ad are: Book now Contact us, download, Find out more, Buy now, Register, Watch more. The text of the ad is locate under the photo and the CTA button – the description is 300 characters.

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There are 3 types of ads: In addition to one format available so far only to marketing partners – marquee – which allows you to attract the attention of in a short period of time (it works well for the premieres of, for example,), there are 3 formats generally available to phone number list everyone: photos – are the most popular, because in fact in their form they do not differ from a standard post. Their advantage is that they are and are not treate as intrusive banners on websites. video – this type of ads has been available on Instagram since October 2014, but the original format of 15-second videos has been extende to 30 seconds.

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An interesting solution that allows you to create a BTB Directory story from photos. Users get a series of photos that they can swipe around. Screenshot 2015-12-28 04/12/03 Ads can be square or horizontal depending on the option you choose when creating your ads. Screenshot 2015-12-28 14.20.27 Technical requirements Instagram video requirements: maximum video duration – 30 seconds, file size – up to 30 MB, film aspect ratio format – .mp4, up to 30 frames per second.

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