Worth knowing that the report is. The result of research conducte in September 2016, which was develope jointly by the Mind Progress Group agency and the IPC research institute. The study consiste of telephone interviews with marketing decision makers in 200 companies conducting marketing activities on the Internet. What can be found in the report. One of them is the analysis of the collecte material and its presentation. With charts and statistics showing various issues focuse around marketing. All this is supplemente with comments from invite specialists. In this part of the report, you will find out. Among other things, which tools for digital marketing are and how many companies are close to the concept of e-mail marketing, or how many marketers use growth hacking.

Studies on various issues

The second part is a collection of substantive in the field of marketing communication. The authors of over 20 texts devote to the new role of marketing database include such specialists as: Paweł Tkaczyk, Piotr Bucki, Jacek Kotarbiński, Tomasz Sulewski (3M), Marek Gonsior (Agata SA), Robert Hibner (mBank) or Michał Bonarowski and Anna Iller (Allegro .pl).SOCIAL MeIA MannequinChallenge – what is this trend in social meia all about Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaNovember 11, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn From time to time, new trends pass like a storm through the Internet, which starte in the West quite quickly also in Poland – this is the power of social meia.


The publication consists of two parts

Who doesn’t remember the Ice Bucket Challenge BTB Directory or the Harlem Shake ? Now Mannequin Challenge is building its position . Like mannequins The Mannequin Challenge is a series of videos where people pretend to be mannequins and freeze while music plays in the background – most often a Black Beatles song.