This is a good way to gain practical knowledge

It is also often a quick help in situations where the support is not able to act immediately. In the case of marketing, LinkedIn groups are another mine of knowledge – practitioners exchange experiences, ask difficult questions, thanks to which a discussion is born. Photo: linkedin/groups/4342574 Similar purposes are served by Quora or Inbound (especially useful in marketing), where you can discuss with people from all over the world – ask questions and find various points of view. in a very short time, which allows you to avoid mistakes in the future, it also shows new solutions.

Speaking of social media

It is worth following well-known brands on the Internet, which usually respond to trends the fastest. By watching what they do, we can also quickly react to them ourselves. 5. Email – newsletter Our basic tool on the Internet is e-mail. In addition to sales database mailings of your favorite brands, it is worth subscribing to several valuable newsletters and being up to date with industry news and inspirations from various fields. Due to the lack of time, we may not open the application with information, but we check the e-mail every day, probably several (several hundred?) times a day. We can always read or watch an interesting text or video during a break.

In the case of content marketing


I definitely recommend Content Marketing Institute, Contently, Hubspot or Moz newsletters. From Polish newsletters, I like to read Marketing przy Kawie, PRoto or mailings of the largest agencies in Poland. 6. Culture and nature Photo: 9gag/gag/7102246/internet-ruin-our-hopes-and-dreams Finally, let’s not forget that there is life beyond the internet (seriously). We can be inspired by everything we can meet offline: people, animals, travels, books, music, cinema, art – the list in this case is endless. Sometimes it’s enough to leave the house to BTB Directory come up with something amazing. What are you still doing here? Summary Inspiration does not come out of nowhere, which is why I recommend tools that help especially in creative work. It requires above-average and frequent ingenuity from us.

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