The organization of the session was combine with the preparation of deicate recipes using MSM Mońki products – in this respect, we were supporte by professional chefs from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, which is our catering and event center . Each shot has been carefully describe and matche to a specific recipe, so that it best reflects the qualities of the dish. Among the regulations prepare were: recipes garlic soup with eam cheese, tortilla with Aldamer cheese, ham and ruccola and egg as well as pouches of puff pastry with frie egg and Gouda cheese. We recommend Culinary photography, or how photographing food affects the brand’s communication strategy culinary photo session Scope of cooperation.

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To work with MSM Mońki, we have appointe a deicate team of internal experts – the PR department, photo session coordinator, photographer and cooks. As a result, we have create a detaile scope of our cooperation. Among the activities carrie out by database Commplace, as part of the culinary photo session task, there were: Preparation of the scenario of the photo session The script of the photo session should contain a detaile description of the shot. Each photo must correspond with the image of the brand, at the same time realizing the main idea of ​​the whole session.


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The scenario should also include the number of shots, the people involve in the session, and the time the shots were taken. Analysis of current trends in culinary photography Culinary photography is a type of commercial photography, the effects BTB Directory of which, i.e. photos, are then use in advertisements, press, packaging, menus or cookbooks. The analysis of current trends in culinary photography will allow you to prepare interesting shots that will attract the attention of potential customers. However, you should remember about the brand’s communication strategy and adapt it to selecte trends.