A focus on the end of the state of emergency fine status emergency covid long covid. The impact of insomnia on our lives. Here’s with stars Muscle weakness Sore muscles. Extreme tiredness Widespread malaise Joint pain Swelling Shortness of breath. Muscle weakness may vary in intensity over weeks or months. although it usually gets steadily worse without treatment. Polymyositis may make it difficult to do simple things. such as getting up from a chair. Climbing stairs. lifting objects. or combing your hair . Muscle weakness can become so severe that even lifting a cup of tea can prove very difficult for the patient.

The throat or chest muscles are affected

It may also be difficult to keep the head straight. However. You may experience difficulty swallowing or breathing . What are the symptoms Italy Telegram Number Data of dermatomyositis? Dermatomyositis has symptoms similar to those of polymyositis . but in addition to them there is skin rash. Before muscle symptoms appear. a red colored rash often occurs on the face eyelids. nose and cheeks. back and upper chest. as well as on the elbows. knees and finger joints. purplish. It may be accompanied by itching and calcinosis clumps of tissue that form under the skin. How is myositis diagnosed? The doctor. after examining the patient’s symptoms.

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Inflammation of the muscles

If there is suspicion of myositis and . will subject you Mexico Phone Number List to some tests to exclude other conditions with similar symptoms. Among the various tests . the following may be required. Blood test – to check blood enzyme and antibody levels. Skin biopsy – examines inflammation through a small sample of skin or muscle tissue. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI – this exam can precisely detect the extent of changes and inflammatory states in muscles and distinguish inflamed areas from nearby areas. where muscle fibers have been replaced by fatty or fibrous tissue. Electromyography EMG – a small needle shaped electrode is inserted into the skin through the muscle. using a local anaesthetic. to record electrical signals in the nerve endings of the muscles.