Since the beginning of 2016, cigarette and tobacco packages. Have been printed with photos that represent or directly show us . For some they are traumatizing images, of course. But the objective is to put the smoker face to face with the objective fact: smoking seriously damages one’s health . As we know, it’s not just about wrinkles. Many, however, still deny the connection between smoking and cancer. Let’s try to understand more about the harm of smoking . Regardless of whether the damage is caused directly or indirectly. However, the result is always a mutation in the DNA sequence. And DNA mutations are responsible for altering the cellular processes. That ensure the maintenance of the balance of the cells and the tissue they compose. 

The harm of smoking Smoking causes aesthetic damage

White gums, yellow teeth and aged skin. What is decidedly Brazil Phone Number Data more serious is. The fact that it is a risk factor for the development of many pathologies. Smoking, in fact, is associated with the reduction of fertility. The appearance of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as the development of cancer. The World Health Organization has estimated that tobacco use kills around six million people a year, many of whom suffer from cancer. READ ALSO Low blood pressure: useful remedies to prevent and treat it what to do if you have low blood pressure What it means to start from your own skin: a focus on atopic dermatitis hand-holding-a-flower-on-a-neutral-background Sciatica, better hot or cold? woman with back pain on the sofa These substances cause DNA damage , both directly and indirectly.

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You automatically think of lung tumors

Not only that: when you think about the link between Belgium Phone Number List cancer and smoking ,, since they are actually responsible for the majority of deaths related to tobacco use. But cigarette smoking is actually responsible for the development of many different types of cancer. The association between regular tobacco use and cancer is known for at least 15 different types of cancer , including cancers of the larynx, oral and nasal cavities, esophagus, bladder, liver, stomach, kidney and the colon. The reason is that tobacco contains a mixture of around 7000 substances, of which at least seventy are known to be carcinogenic substances .