After scanning the QR code, you can view your WhatsApp chat list directly on the web page. On the left, you can see your chats by clicking a contact to open the chat and your message history, if you saved it.

How to secure WhatsApp Web with a password

On the top-left of the web page, three icons are available: Status, WhatsApp number New chat, and Menu, which offers a list of nested options. The Status option reveals all statuses posted by your contacts, along with the ability to respond from the reply area at the bottom of the pane. Clicking New chat opens the contacts list on the left side of the page. From here, you can create a new group or begin a conversation.

The three-dot drop-down menu lets you create a new group, change information in your profile, search archived chats, view starred messages, change settings like notifications and chat wallpaper, or log out.

How to use WhatsApp Web

Once screen lock is enabled, you can also lock the screen at any time by selecting Lock screen from the main three-dot menu. Screen lock replaces the Log out option on this menu; you can still log out rom the Settings menu if you need to log out of your WhatsApp Web session entirely.

Note that a screen lock password applies only to the current WhatsApp Web session in whatever browser you’re using. It’s not shared with other devices, BTB Directory and will need to be set up again if you log out and log back in later.