What is an eSIM? Here’s everything you need to know

If you’ve purchased a new cell phone in the past decade or so, you’re probably already familiar with the SIM—the little thumbnail-sized card that’s used to connect to your your carrier’s cellular network —but in recent years smartphone manufacturers and carriers have started replacing them with something called an eSIM.

What is an eSIM?

An embedded SIM, also known as an eSIM, WhatsApp number is a SIM card that’s built into your smartphone and can’t be removed. It performs the same function as a traditional SIM, except that it’s programmable and physically connected (soldered) to your smartphone’s motherboard.

Devices with eSIM technology

All of the major phone manufacturers now offer eSIM technology in their phones: Apple iPhones have it (including, of course, the recently released iPhone 15), Samsung Galaxy devices have it, Google Pixel phones have it, and flagship Motorola phones have it. If you buy a new phone, BTB Directory chances are strong you’ll have eSIM functionality in the palm of your hands. Many tablets and watches include eSIM technology too, including Apple Watches and iPads.

Speaking of Apple, all iPhones from the iPhone 13 on offer support for using two eSIM cards, letting users get dual-SIM support without the need for a physical SIM card. In fact, Apple removed the physical SIM card slot entirely for the U.S. models of the iPhone 14 lineup, making eSIM the only way to get your iPhone 14 activated on a carrier network.

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