However the announcement from shows that it will only be support for a few more months. However that doesn’t mean you have to upgrade immiately. The fact that the developers pull support doesn’t change the fact that the branch is still live and will continue to be us by many store owners. You just have to take into account that if something goes wrong they’ll be on their own to deal with it. Therefore it is worth considering all the pros and cons of this move. Engine updates from one branch to another e.g. from update to is quite a challenge and you shouldn’t do it yourself without the proper knowlge.

In theory there are ways

Do this even within a store but honestly we’re not entirely Korea Telegram Data convinc due to their failure rate. The safest solution is to create a new development version of the store copy what we have or simply create it from scratch. our Senior Webmaster Developer describes it this way Unfortunately this process is very unreliable. Let us remember that a store is a huge organism with many dependencies. There are so many things that can go wrong that even one careless step can cause a lot of damage and simply let it go.

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What more there is actually

A new structure and code and these changes also apply to the UK Email List front end. What does graphic customization mean? Let’s add database migrations we have a serious new implementation project. So it is better to seek expert help here. For example do we the authors ne to do this? Here I quote Robert again is moving forward. We must follow the trend because the truth may be that when we wake up we have our hands in In the potty. When support is discontinu you will have no choice but to eventually switch to. Unfortunately this version still has some problems the so-call childhood brings many conveniences and opportunities.