We have to follow the trend because the truth is we may wake up with our hands in the potty. When support is discontinu you will have no choice but to eventually switch to. Unfortunately this version still exists Some problems the so-call childhood bring many conveniences and opportunities. Data Migration An extremely important issue during the update process or generally when transferring between different versions of the system is the migration of the store database. This includes about products photos or customer data. Just enter everything manually. Fortunately you don’t have to do this manually which would be a rather risky task as there are tools in place that can make this process much easier.

Module Migration Pro

In short it is a solution capable of data migration between two Kuwait Telegram Data systems. It can easily transfer a large amount of information products categories customer groups complete order history reviews and opinions settings and data tax data supplier and manufacturer data. Importantly this module supports almost all engine versions from onwards so you can transfer data from even very old storage. How this solution works is actually very simple. After purchase we receive two modules one install in the source store and the other in the target store.

Telegram Data

Then for security purposes

We set a password on to the module and on the second password USA Email List enter the address of the source storage and the previously set password. This is all theoretical. All you ne to do is select the data to transfer and the module will handle the rest. The migration process itself is very fast and stable. But be careful! This is work on critical and very important data for your store and problems can arise along the way. We do not recommend that you do it yourself without professional knowlge. The branch which according to many is the best and still the most stable has been running since.