Psychological support  is of   fundamental importance to make the patient. Aware and accept his new reality. Accustoming the patient, from the onset of the disease, to dialogue. Expressing one’s feelings, impressions and fears are constructive attitudes towards a new and lasting condition. As the cold approaches, and with. Stress increases, immune defenses weaken, and one is more exposed to seasonal ailments. The desire for some wellness treatment, in this period, is therefore. More than legitimate and, indeed, recommended. In particular, a heat bath is ideal for eliminating toxins and impurities through sweat, and is a panacea for regeneration; among the most famous treatments.

There are sauna and Turkish bath 

In this sense,  which however are often confused with Lebanon Phone Number Data each other. In reality, it’s not quite the same thing! Let’s find out together what the similarities and differences are and which of the two to choose in case of doubt. Difference between sauna and Turkish bath Choosing which treatment to undergo, without knowing in depth the characteristics of the sauna and Turkish bath , can be difficult. It is therefore necessary to examine similarities and differences between the two applications. Inside the sauna there is a stove with lava stones, placed with the aim of absorbing and progressively releasing heat. Depending on where you sit, there is a different level of heat: on the lowest bench the temperature is 50°C, on the middle one it is 75°C, while the temperature on the highest one reaches 85°C .

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Both of these heat baths have very

similar effects on the body: They purify the skin through India Phone Number List abundant heat-induced sweat production They stimulate the lymphatic system, rejuvenating it They eliminate toxins, uric acid, lactic acid and excess fats It’s still: They produce tissue regeneration, improving skin tone and making it less subject to atmospheric agents such as cold, heat, wind and smog They balance blood pressure through vasodilation with consequent beneficial effects on cardiac activity. Now let’s get to the differences. The first and most obvious concerns the structure. The sauna is covered in wood and is furnished with benches (always made of untreated wood) placed on different levels, on which to sit or lie down with a cotton towel – it is very important to avoid the use of synthetic clothing which, with the high heat, could cause serious damage to the skin.