This option allows you to automatically or manually send emails to customers reminding you about their shopping carts. Additionally you can attach discount coupons in such emails as determin by any rules. Bas on the value of the basket emails can be sent to specific groups of customers with different content and coupon codes for each customer. message templates that are fully customizable. You can track emails to see if they have been open. pop up. This option allows you to configure a pop-up window with a message prepar by us.

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Customers decide to leave the store before completing their Germany Telegram Data purchase. When he returns we can show him a pop-up reminder about his shopping cart. Additionally you can enter your discount code there. It is worth emphasizing here that this pop-up also applies to customers who do not have an account in the store and therefore do not leave an email address to which we can send email notifications. Sticky bar. This is essentially the same as the pop-up shopping cart reminder form but in what’s call a sticky bar form. It’s a strip that sticks to the top of the page that displays our prepar message. This option is more discreet and does not obscure the content present in the online store.

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A discount code are only display after clicking on the bar. Browser Japan Email List notifications so-call push notifications. This is a relatively new way of interacting with customers via notifications sent from the browser they use. The advantage of this particular solution is that customers are able to receive notifications on both mobile and desktop devices even if they are not currently using the browser and performing other actions in another program. Notifications in browser tabs. How this option works is best demonstrat using an example of a tab in an open browser.