In fact if I accidentally scratch broke or lost a lens that would be a different story. It happens. Of course I won’t mention the brand of this pair of glasses but I want to share my experience after purchasing them. Because I must admit that the after-sales service in terms of user experience left a very positive impression on me. Shopping There was nothing special about the purchase itself. A minimalist store with no fireworks dozens of products and a one-page checkout basket. I plac my order on Sunday and receiv an email thanking me and concluding That’s it your order has been accept.

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Thank you for placing your order in our store. Since the style of the Denmark Telegram Data series is casual the content of this email was a perfect fit. Moreover she gave me a surprise. No sir ma’am just direct. Shipping I was even more impress when I receiv the email on Tuesday that the item had shipp. Here’s what it says OK hey your package has been sent. Everything is now in Mr. Carrier’s hands. If there is no snowstorm or storm the package should be deliver to you according to this schule here is the website link By the way we want to get to know you Tag your photo on. Or send us a photo via email to join our smiley link It was lightheart and tongue-in-cheek and I felt like a human being rather than an order number.

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The delivery schule link

Their website includes details on how long it may take. I miss the link to India Email List track the shipment but that doesn’t matter to me. However the second part of the email does the best job. Hundrs of glasses-wearing photos and comments on their fan page confirm this. This is what the seller is accomplishing with this email He is showing that there is a human on the other side not a machine sending impersonal artificial formulas. He makes his customers feel important.