Preparations to be made to become a Freelancer

Freelancer refers to someone who works as a Malaysian freelancer without a long-term relationship with the client or the person who gives them work.

A freelancer’s work contract includes the project to be worked on, the cost and the time required to work.

As a freelancer, freelancer working hours are different from regular employees. For example, freelancers are not bound by working hours and usually they will work alone.

Most clients use freelancer services due to lack of time, not having enough workers and lack of skills to do it.

Therefore, before you enter the freelance world , make sure you are prepared and have done enough research.

Create the selected freelance account

Did you know that freelance jobs are divided into two, general and specific? What is the difference between these two?

For the general ones such as Freelancer, Upwork and Workana, these applications have various types of jobs such as story writers, poster designers, data filling assistants, etc.

Whereas, specific accounts such as Shutterstock and Gengo.

Both of these specific freelance jobs are suitable for those with talents such as voice over or cameraman.

For example, if you are a cameraman, you need cell phone leads to display your work in the Internet column. The result of an interesting photo capture will definitely catch the buyer’s eye.

Choose trusted and easy international finance for transaction matters. Furthermore, you are likely to get clients from different countries.

For example, Paypal will “link” with the debit or credit card you specify. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

The use of Paypal is very popular up to 202 countries and there are 25 currencies involved with it.

 Have Work Commitment And Professionalism

Are you good at setting up websites, designing logos or using Microsoft? You can take advantage of these skills in finding Malaysian freelance jobs on BTB Directory platforms or applications. Make sure you understand the project regulations required by the client to facilitate work. Get money, you’re happy too! Some Malaysian freelance work involves face-to-face and some do not. Therefore, it is important for freelancers to be smart in time management and creative to complete the work within the specified period. Did you know that good work performance given to previous clients can help you find new potential clients.

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