Did you know that the duties of a copywriter and a content writer are different? A copywriter is a writer who writes copywriting for work such as social media and advertising .

Meanwhile, a content writer is someone who writes useful information and conveys it through articles or visual content.

If the sentence you use can persuade other people to buy and read the story/article, you might be the one they’re looking for!

Furthermore, a person’s writing talent can be polished through efforts and reading scientific materials.

Graphic designer Individuals who are able 

Become creative graphic designers often practice regularly and have a course of study at university. There, they can develop talent.

Works such as designing posters, wedding cards, logos and business cards among friends and family also help in developing talent and creativity .

Each design produced has its own identity. This is because, it is the result of one’s own creativity and adapted to the client’s taste .

3. Website developer
On freelance platforms, you will find business phone list that there are clients who are looking for freelancers who are skilled in website optimization, website content updates, and website design for certain purposes.

4. Voice over artist
Voice over artist
You have a unique voice and are able to change the voice to many variations? This voice over or voice acting job is something you should consider!

In malaysia, part-time payment for voice over work can reach up to rm1000 or more, even tens of thousands.

Have high language knowledge and can speak a foreign language

Use your knowledge to become a translator for written and oral works such as articles and drama subtitles.

This is because the translated articles BTB Directory and subtitles will help to improve your mastery of the language.

6. Virtual assistant
Virtual assistant (va) is assigned to provide support to companies or individuals such as administration, accounting, etc. Online.

For this job, any information you obtain is confidential. You cannot disclose the information arbitrarily to avoid breaching the contract . .

So, you already know what freelance work you can do now?

Even though every job seems light and easy, there are still challenges. So, make sure you always hone your talents and skills if you want to become a freelancer and work as a malaysian freelancer .

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