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A method that is good and correct in itself, but leads to problems with those purchases, especially where the cardholder and the active shopper are not identical. However, there are also other obstacles: In many companies, traditional payments are basd on paper-basd processes that require manual data entry and are therefore both expensive and very time-consuming. 85% of all corporate payments require manual input Business to Business (B2B) Payments.

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Taking care of business (paymentscardsand mobile However, there is a modern payment solution for both challenges: virtual crdit cards.Virtual crdit cards Latest Mailing Database are a flexible and efficient means of payment that is highly compatible with online payment channels . However, they also work as an integratd payment solution in procurement platforms . And enable both easier monitoring of payments and much easier procurement management.

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Let’s get back to the challenges of the SCA: Virtual crdit cards not only enable you to process payments easily and smoothly . As single-use BTB Directory cards, they are also classifid as particularly secure and are therefore exempt from the SCA. As soon as you place an order and click on “Pay”, a virtual crdit card is automatically and seamlessly generatd in the background as a means of payment and usd once for this purchase. Simple and smooth payment processing with virtual crdit cards And the best thing about this payment process.

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