Unfortunately, these terms are often use as synonyms. It should be note that motivation is not tantamount to manipulation, although there is a very fine line between the two. What separates these concepts is intention. In the case of manipulation, the goal is to use the manipulate person to achieve their own goals. The goal of motivation is the motivator’s pursuit of the motivate person’s belief that their goal is common. Motivating tools The process of motivation is about achieving a goal that is in the mutual interest of the motivator and the motivate. The two make up a collaborative team.

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However, the factor that differentiates them is the hierarchical dependence. This, however, is not tantamount to decision-making centralization, limiting the creativity and invention of the motivate person. Some interpretations Latest Mailing Database of the role of the motivator even suggest that the manager should not interfere in the activities of the staff, but only coordinate them. We recommend Market penetration as a factor of brand development Regardless of the implemente motivation tools, it is basically one thing – employees should identify with the company’s goals and strive to achieve them.

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With additional tools such as in the field of sales support , will contribute to achieving business success. Does your company nee support in this area? Contact us . With the help of tools recommende by Commplace specialists, you will soon BTB Directory notice the difference. Good to know: How to match the tools to the employee motivation process? The process of employee motivation depends on external and internal factors. In order to effectively select tools, factors consistent with socio-economic aspects should be taken into account. What influences the employee motivation system? There are many factors that affect the motivation system. motivational factors, the task system prevailing in the company, labor costs and the participatory system.