Physical exercise together with a correct and balanced diet helps to control weight. strengthen muscles and correct posture. All . a problem that frequently occurs in people affected by the syndrome. Among the recommended sports. gymnastics. which guarantees complete and compliant exercise on all body muscles and improves agility and quickness; swimming. in fact in water the force of gravity decreases and it becomes easier to modify and perfect some incorrect positions; volleyball which increases speed and muscular power. as well as being a team sport which allows for good integration.

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It should be remembered that before practicing any Australia WhatsApp Number Data physical motor activity. children with Down syndrome . in addition to examination. will have to undergo an x ray of the cervical spine and an in depth echocardiographic examination. For those of them who want to undertake competitive practice. an intellectual test IQ must also be carried out which must be above seventy. Disability and water sports As regards the physically disabled. for correct motor rehabilitation we recommend. athletics. archery. fencing. tennis and table tennis. basketball and swimming.

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A rehabilitation system. in fact water replaces Brazil Phone Number List the supports useful. For carrying out daily activities and allows the body not to get too tired. Additionally. Water is a very relaxing environment so both the mind and body benefit. READ ALSO Coronary angiography. Risks and possible complications Coronagraphy. How does it work and what are the risks? How to use dental floss correctly how to use thread Smog alarm in Milan and the Lombardy provinces. let’s clarify Polluted city Asthma and sport Asthmatic people. contrary to common belief. Must carry out sporting activities. it is obviously important that they carry out sports in environments suitable for respiratory problems. therefore unpolluted spaces and with a low index of dust. mites and mould. In this sense. Humid environments are suitable and therefore water sports such as swimming. Water polo. synchro and even scuba diving are preferable.