Keywords are the building blocks with which you’ll build every part of your content, so it’s essential to identify them before you start writing. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Google is now paying more attention to how you cover the topic as a whole. This implies the need to pay attention to the associated keywords and the questions that users ask. However, the keyword research process involves more than simply identifying phrases or words relevant to your product or business. Depending on the size and authority of your brand, you should also consider keyword relevance, analyzing whether or not it matches the search intent of your target audience.


Find Semantically Related Keywords

To maximize your chances of ranking. It’s recommended to include keywords closely related to the concepts associated with your target keywords ( WhatsApp Number List ). This helps make it easier for search engines to understand your topic. It is also essential to maintain consistency with the original objective of the article. For example, in crafting an article focused on a long-tail keyword like “how to ride a skateboard,” we can integrate similar semantic keywords like “bend your knees” or “make turns.” However, we must be careful not to deviate from the topic, because entering keywords like “best skateboards for beginners”, even if related to the topic, implies a completely different search intent.

Inclusion Of Visual Elements

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Visuals are a proven strategy to improve content engagement by capturing more attention from page visitors. According BTB Directory to many studies, articles that contain at least one image attract significantly more traffic than those composed only of text. They also get 30% fewer shares and 25% more backlinks. The same trend is seen with video, where posts without video get 92% less traffic (and 24% fewer shares) than those with video. Therefore, if you omit to add photos, graphs, infographics, charts, GIFs or videos to your posts, you are missing out on a considerable opportunity.