Ear polyps can be a sign, albeit more rarely, of malignant tumors (such as carcinomas of the external auditory canal) or benign tumors (such as paragangliomas). Other pathologies that enter into  or meningoencephaloceles, neuroendocrine tumors, malignant otitis externa. A careful  is therefore important to establish an adequate etiological diagnosis. From this moment on we will talk about polyps referring to the most frequent cause, therefore understood as an expression of chronic cholesteatomata’s otitis . The symptoms of ear polyps  can be heterogeneous.

Clinical and instrumental evaluation

Between these: Subjective hearing loss (often worsening, associated Sweden Phone Number Data or not with tinnitus) Otorrhea (discharge of fluid from the ear, often purulent and smelly) Otorrhagia (bleeding from the ear) Otalgia, ear pain Facial nerve paralysis Dizziness Analyzing the symptoms you can see how some of these are very widespread. For this reason, it is important to underline that it is not a good idea to underestimate these symptoms, even when they appear to be transitory and partially respond to empirical medical therapies. An ontological examination can in fact diagnose potentially serious pathologies in an early phase of.

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The disease with a significant impact

in terms of long-term prognosis, reduction of Qatar Phone Number List complications, less invasive therapeutic approaches and, above all, hearing preservation. What is the recommended treatment for ear polyps? The therapy is essentially surgical and treats, in addition to the polyp itself, the underlying chronic otitis media . The surgery is called “tympanoplasty” and has the following objectives: the removal of chronic infection preservation of residual hearing as much as possible the restoration of a middle ear capable of ventilating without problems. This operation is usually performed under general anesthesia and under microscopy, with a retroauricular incision. There are various surgical techniques that the otologist surgeon adapts, like a good tailor, based on the extent of the infection and the exact location of the pathology with the aim of minimizing the possibility of any complications. In selected cases it is possible to intervene endoaurally with endoscopic techniques.