They are also substances introduced through the diet, so if they are too high it is advisable to change something in the diet. These fats, in fact, expose us to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. For cholesterol, ​​and individual values ​​of LDL (the so-called bad cholesterol) and HDL (the so-called good cholesterol). The accumulation of bilirubin can also indicate the presence of liver disease. Bilirubin is the pigment of bile and in : total bilirubin, indirect (or unconjugated) bilirubin and direct (or conjugated) bilirubin . 

The analyzes they are distinguished

The indirect one is the bilirubin that has not yet been Singapore Phone Number Data modified by the liver, vice versa the direct one. Another enzyme present in all tissues, but whose concentration is greatest in the liver, kidney, bones, intestine and placenta is alkaline phosphatase . Its dosage, therefore, allows you to define the state of health of different organs. The liver then produces a protein, called albumin , which maintains the balance of body fluids and transports many endogenous and exogenous molecules. Thus, it not only gives us an indication of the state of the liver, but also of the entire organism.

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Among the most commonly requested tests

there are those that evaluate kidney function. For New Zealand Phone Number List example, the measurement of creatinine and uric acid . Creatinine is eliminated in the urine, and its  accumulation in the blood means that the kidneys are not working properly. Uric acid is a waste metabolite, it comes from protein metabolism and is eliminated in urine. Again, accumulation in the blood is indicative of kidney malfunction. Finally, the doctor may also request the dosage of gamma globulins, which are nothing other than antibodies. Now that you know the meaning of the parameters measured in the blood test , you can get an initial idea of ​​your health status once you receive the test results.