Images for products in tiktok shop must be in good quality and have style. Appeal the customer in order to grab their attention and buy.

Unstructured and incomplete information of products is unbeneficial.

Customers do not have the urge to buy the product at all.

Use trending hashtag, sounds, trend
Tiktok shop malaysia
While you are in tiktok, you must blend in with hashtags, popular sounds, trends or transitions. Your video of produc or services will slowly in other people fyp (for you page)!

It is because, tiktok algorithm designed to promote videos that implement the latest trending sounds, effects and hashtags.

Because of that, we continuously see repetitive sounds and trends. Use it while it is on blast.

Ways to create an e-commerce website

In marketing, a niche is a segment of a large market that can be defined as its own unique needs, preferences or identity that make telemarketing list it different from the marketing at large.

Surely it’s related to users in the target demographic.

For example, in tiktok shop you are selling computers and laptops, you may have to create content on selecting a good laptop and do’s and don’t’s while using it.

With that, people who seek details will follow, comment, like and share. It also trains the algorithm to show more of similar content.

Engagement between content creators simple way to increase more engagement

Not to forget, the user is important to keep on visible because tiktok has a high organic engagement rate.

Like, comments, shares and views are BTB Directory key to the success of the content. The more users like, share, comment and interact, the more likely your tiktok shop will be found organically.

The other options like q&a feature, stitch and duet, or reply to comment with video content to make users in our business part.

In conclusion, tiktok surely is a game changer for people and hopefully will be useful for those who are interested to be sellers, affiliates, partners or creators.

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