How Does An E commerce Website Work

We are living in the age of digitalization; a virtual medium to satisfy one’s needs and demands. The internet has been our ultimate source of e-commerce satisfaction.

Ever since the pandemic covid-19 has hit malaysia a year ago, we are advised to avoid any physical interactions.

Think about it, how do you perceive pandemic covid-19; a new start or an ensconce obstacle?

Some of us are still doing the old job while others might have to overcome life challenges such as job losses, financial struggle, and many more.

Even the word “digitalization” reflects our world and society’s behavior nowadays. We become more expressive; jolly and competitive when it comes to the digital world.

Let’s take a closer look at online shopping behavior in society

Businesses; apparel, foods, and skincare products can be seen on online shopping platforms. Business owners take the alternative of producing an e-commerce website to promote their business.

Without further ado, let’s dive into telemarketing list providers the topic; general information about e-commerce and step-by-step details of creating one’s e-commerce website.

What is e-commerce website?
E-commerce website
The bitter truth about e-commerce is it has been embedded in our routine for the past few years.

However we did not oversee the importance of e-commerce during those days

We enjoyed common routines such as BTB Directory buying stuff, having a real conversation, and doing activities physically in the older days.

But, the time has periodically changed now. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet, we can do those activities virtually.

Hence, e-commerce is a virtual platform where people conduct business on the internet and social media.

People nowadays are given options to make a payment through online banking, cash-on-delivery (cod), credit cards, e-wallet, and applications, for instance, paypal.

These transaction options are made to ease our purchase and minimize physical interaction as a part of covid-19 precautions.

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