This is a well-thought-out sensory marketing strategy whose task is to influence the recipient’s senses through various stimulations in order to improve their sense of well-being. Because when customers feel good they spend more money. and his most common unplann purchases. Yes yes your spontaneous purchases are often the result of clever manipulation by sellers who want to influence your subconscious. Importantly sensory marketing does more than just achieve short-term goals such as influencing purchasing decisions. It also has a huge impact on building brand awareness and communicating its identity and values. Would this work in e-commerce? exactly.

Can an online store lure

A visitor into making such a purchase by attacking his senses Hong Kong Telegram Data and playing on his emotions? I think absolutely so. Eyesight is where you can definitely do the most because potential customers will make a visual assessment first when entering your store. That’s why its appearance is so important. As we all know beautiful things attract people’s attention. However consider a more specific example Page color. Research shows that customers  and generally like to make spontaneous purchases will grab black r or orange colors. So it’s worth experimenting with these colors if they don’t clash too much with the overall colors of the site.

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Another interesting solution

To change the color temperature according to the time of day warmer Malaysia Email List tones at night more contrast during the day. Product display. Of course the most important issue is the product photo or visualization. These should be large clear and well compos. It would be best if there were at least a few. If possible it is worth presenting the product by video which by the way also affects hearing or in a way. The fact is the more interesting and original the products you present the greater your chances of attracting your customers’ attention.