FOR ANDROID SMARTPHONE owners, it’s about to become a bit of a headache to save backups of your WhatsApp messages. Users have enjoyed free backups of WhatsApp messages on Android for the past five years, but soon those users will need to start paying to preserve their collections of heartfelt messages from family members and weird memes from friends.

What’s Included With Google One?

The cheapest Google One tier for personal accounts starts at $2 a month or $20 a year for access to 100 GB of storage. That WhatsApp number  100 GB of space can be shared by up to five people, or you can keep it all to yourself. Need even more room? A 200-GB plan for Google One costs $30 a year, and a gigantic 2-TB plan costs $100 a year. Keep an eye out for potential deals, as Google might offer trials to new users as the WhatsApp backup change rolls out.

Consider the WhatsApp Chat Transfer

While it’s not the same as having your WhatApp messages backed up for free, the app does now include a feature that makes it easier to transfer your chat history from one Android phone to another, or from one iPhone to another. Visit the FAQ section of WhatApp’s website for a full walk-through of the process, which can come in handy the next time you upgrade your handset. Switching from Android to iPhone, or vice versa? It’s still possible to transfer chats, although some extra steps are involved. You’ll need to BTB Directory have the same phone number on both devices for chat transfers to work.