The most popular are the formats square The vertical images. The first example of interesting advertising creativity is the use of contrasting colors. If you want your ad campaign to stThe out while browsing the newsfeeyou can bet on neon lights The strong colors. Inserting even a small amount of bright hue can affect the interest of the recipient. When advertising a product with a unique shade let the focus ison its exposure for example the brThe highlights a cobalt door. Advertise using contrasting colors in your ad. Sometimes you can use tricks The tweaks when creating your ad such as changing the border from blue to red. This way you can better check the recipients reaction. Activewear brands like this usually rely on good neon. How strange since this color is often seen in their activewear The sneaker collections.

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For example these colors are also useusebrands that we usually associate with pastel shades. Its a great testament to the fact that its worth trying different ways to grab your customers attention. Vibrant colors usein reebok advertising campaigns. The brand’s ad creative background matches the color of the product. Advertise in colors that are not obvious to your brand. Carousel. Want to place a mobile ad on the Rwanda Email List it fills this role perfectly. You can use the potential of this form of advertising to create a kind of story through the tiles. Their paths form a coherent whole. Through step-by-step clicks users can understThe more than just a picture. Short videos can also isusefor carousels. Carousel make history with a carousel. The kia ad carousel consists of one image Favorites are kept.

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As is customary in mobile advertising you cannot skip favorites! This format is only available on mobile devices but it is available when we neeit. It is useful for directing recipients directly to selecteproducts. We can also build a collection baseon the catalog The display four specific items or choose randomly from our sources. Thanks to the last option the creative can isa dynamic ad useful for example in remarketing. More The lesser-known advertising influencers effective advertising can lead our customers to purchase or other conversions such as liking a page. It is worth using the image of a celebrity especially one who is only recognizein circles associatewith our brands industry. Even a rising star with a large video following can make a BTB Directory food ad The using their characters in an ad wouldnt islike.