Want to sell bubble milk tea in 2024/2024.

The interesting thing about Good Morning Milk Tea and Coffee is the shop’s decoration that emphasizes white tones, minimal style, many drinks to choose from. Investment budget 19,900 – 150,000 baht. You can choose the investment package as desired. Receive equipment and raw materials ready for sale Ready for training The investment profits are very good. The franchise has a team to take good care of you and provide continuous marketing promotion as well. People who want to get rich quickly and make quick profits, opening a shop will definitely sell well. Investing in Makacha Answers a lot of questions. Budget 120,000 – 400,000 baht. 

Come and tea

Training will be provided before opening the shop. Teach every recipe until you can do it. The menu is continually updated. Many branches that have invested in Makacha are now generating better income than working full time. Many people turn to make it their main occupation. The opportunity to payback from the business is 2-3 months, depending on the location Phone Number  in which the store is opened. There are many drinks on the menu, including fruit tea, cocoa, green tea, fresh milk, etc., and every menu is made with good ingredients. The taste is very delicious. Want to sell Investment budget of 200,000 – 600,000 baht, return on investment approximately 6 -12 months. This is another franchise that has set up a store to attract customers. The color tones are premium. 


Prominent from afar Whether opening in department stores or community malls, they sell very well. Currently, there are branches expanding in many areas throughout the country. Anyone who wants to invest in health drinks You can choose the Manoi franchise. Because the ingredients used do not contain trans fats. Do not use high fructose sugar. Want to sell Plenty of delicious menus to BTB Directory choose from including milk tea, Thai tea, green tea, cocoa and many more. Investment budget 70,000 – 300,000 baht. Payback opportunity 3 months – 1 year. No monthly or annual fees. No percentage deducted from sales. It is a franchise that is ready to create careers for Thai people. Ajumma Cafe’s highlight is its Korean-style homemade milk tea shop. 

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