Such websites that offer freelancing are freelancer

Where academic hurdles are increasing in asian countries and malaysia is not excluded from that, home tutor becoming necessary to parents.

High demand for home tutor is certainly something you should hop on because, for instance, a tutor can earn up to rm 40 per hour. Meanwhile, the average hourly wage for mcdonald’s workers is 8 times lower, which is rm 6.

It certainly has more advantages than other jobs due a home tutor only giving tutor depending on hourly teaching you set it yourself.

Not only a good pay opportunity, tutoring also adds to your personal development, communication skills, and knowledge.

Outsourcing for a freelancer is becoming a habit among online companies

The pay for a freelancing profession may vary according to job profession and your experience in certain fields.

If you’re good at graphic design or calling lists creative writing, you’re certainly up for this. Digital work and writing is one of high demand professions due to ever-evolving needs for the skills.

If you’re new in the market, set a low rate for your pay. As a freelancer not only do you enjoy good pay, but also time flexibility.

Food service staff
Part time job
In the food & beverages industry, staff are a crucial factor in operation. Even some restaurants take customer service very seriously.

This work field is very stressful and indeed needs training done. When it gets busy with the customers flooding into the restaurant, it’s really tiring.

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You may want to consider whether you’re up for this type of workload

Some retail stores in malaysia offer perks like short shifts, discounts and schedule flexibility to part-timers.

Tasks such as packing groceries, logistics, packing shelves, mopping BTB Directory and cashiering indeed available for part-timers.

Some departments drive by commission to drive up sales. Even though it’s quite tiring, earning commission is certainly worth it.

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