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Advertising revenue from eligible products amounting to PLN is subject to a surcharge in PLN. Behaviors if the sales are in PLN he will pay in PLN an additional PLN as a surplus. Higher tax rates apply when qualifying products are advertise. Here the group of senders will pay accordingly the part of the calculate premium base not exceeing PLN. Calculation bases for premiums exceeing the threshold of the Polish zloty. So if a radio station sells the PLN equivalent of airtime throughout the year to the manufacturer of dietary supplements for Guyana Email List will pay the PLN advertising tax. Behaviors if airtime value is PLN it will. The PLN. The drafters of the governments Meia Advertising Tax Bill take a more nuance approach to meia publishers. Here the future tax rate is significantly lower The equals the basis for calculating advertising bonuses for lower quality products if the basis does not excee the PLN. The basis for calculating the premium above the PLN threshold relates to eligible goods.

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Ads also apply to both fares calculate on a premium basis if the basis does not excee PLN. The premium is calculate on the basis of the part exceeing the threshold of the Polish zloty. Confusion with Internet advertising The tax rules above seem clear. Unfortunately the authors of the project had a hard time getting creative with the tribehaviorses made The online publishers. One can only guess that the complexity of the regulations is due to the desire to protect the smallest publishers from paying taxes The to put the burden on BTB Directory of the largest portals. First of all it should.