It important to transform these desires into smart objectives. Do you want to venture or improve digitally what image do you seek to have in the digital landscape. How long do you expect to achieve those goals what do you intend to achieve with the digital. Campaign what elements of communication or user perception do you not want your brand. To have in the digital area would you interest in targeting new target audiences digital field it important. To understand the situation of the company in the face of digital transformation.

What are hashtags and why are they important

Know if leaders know about digital marketing and e-commerce what their challenges and expectations are for migrating actions towards digital.These are some questions that will help record the company’s digital landscape do you have a website it’s easy to use it position do you have an app what social networks are you present on do you mobile app development service constantly publh on them how the interaction with your users on networks do you have a blog have you run paid digital campaigns on what platforms networks what results did you obtain other key questions does the company carry out conventional marketing actions which it what results do you get why have you thought about running a digital campaign.

How to use hashtags on Instagram effectively

What expectations do you have with th plan.What challenges do you hope to overcome when do you want to carry out and launch the digital campaign BTB Directory what budget do you have for th digital project in the following link you can find so in conclusion the most important thing to keep in mind that the questions should chosen according to the information you ne most to create a campaign that really responds to your client’s objectives and expectations.