Is it true that TikTok is informative

Who says TikTok Malaysia is just entertainment? If seen from the perspective of people who do not use this application, of course the impression of those who use it as childish and not serious about current issues. The closest example can be seen during the 15th general election (PRU) process. The average citizen is tired of waiting for the GE results and it is seen that many Gen-Zs are uploading ‘memes’ to relieve anxiety. It’s not that it’s not serious, just wanting to express humor when the situation is tense. As long as it doesn’t play with sensitive things, you’re good to go . For the group of people aged 40 and above, they may not understand that TikTok is actually informative. Do you want to know why? Follow this article until the end.

Current Issues & Important Info

It not only allows you to share interesting content with your account followers, but also makes you more creative.

The attention-grabbing video you produce will cause people to talk, give information and touch emotions.

With functions such as stitch and buy phone leads duet, viewers will give their opinions about the video. Indirectly, you have generated memorable engagement.

The variety of opinions and reactions from the public highlights each individual’s creativity regardless of social, artistic or business aspects.
Just like other social media mediums, you can get the latest news; domestically or abroad.

For example, the ‘yellow bag’ or shopping cart function also makes it easier to sell products quickly. The product attachment in the video about the product also makes it easier for customers to make a purchase. Customers no longer need to “move around” to other applications just to view products or buy them.

High Business Opportunities

Many businesses have seized the opportunity and have successfully promoted their business products on TikTok. Do you want to know why? Apart from BTB Directory the creativity and originality highlighted, the display of the algorithm and high exposure to the target audience is the main factor for the success. TikTok Malaysia provides access to new customer businesses that are not available on other platforms. By trying to provide the best video content , you can get people’s attention on this platform. TikTok is one of the best apps this year because it uses a video-focused approach to promote your brand’s social media content . This approach allows the storytelling of your product or brand with an approach that is easy to understand and “close” to the consumer’s reality.

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