The current condition of the manufacturing stock market in indonesia tends to be stable, although there has been some turmoil in the last few months. The manufacturing stock indices on the indonesia stock exchange (bei), namely the lq45 index and the kompas100 index, have tended to increase in the last few months.

This can be seen from the high demand from investors for manufacturing shares traded on the idx.

One factor that is believed to have influenced this increase is improving domestic economic data. The government has implemented various fiscal and monetary policies that are expected to encourage economic growth, such as cutting interest rates, fiscal stimulus packages, and reducing the tax burden.

This is expected to increase people’s purchasing power and increase demand for domestic manufactured products.

Certain manufacturing sectors also show quite significant upward trends

Such as the automotive sector, which has experienced a fairly steady increase in demand in recent months.

This is due to factors such as government cell phone lists programs to provide assistance in purchasing two-wheeled vehicles and the growth of the e-commerce sector which increases the need for delivery of goods.

Several manufacturing companies in the automotive sector have experienced quite significant increases in share prices in recent months.

On the other hand, several other manufacturing sectors are still experiencing problems. Such as the machinery sector, which is experiencing pressure from global trade problems and the global economic slowdown which has an impact on export performance.

Several manufacturing companies in this sector have seen.

Their share prices decline in recent months

Overall, the current condition of the manufacturing stock market. In indonesia tends to be stable, although there are still several sectors BTB Directory experiencing problems. However, improving domestic economic data and fiscal and monetary. Policies implemented by the government are expected to encourage economic growth. And increase demand for manufactured products.

Investors must continue to pay attention to global economic and political. Developments, geopolitical conditions, and technological developments that. Can influence manufacturing stock market conditions in indonesia.