Mark Current web metrics are measure how long it takes a browser to display the first piece of content after a user visits your site. Ballast. More information. (speed index) measures how quickly content is visually displayed when a page is loaded. Ballast. More information. ( ) gives the render time of the largest image or text block visible in the window. Ballast. More information. (time to interaction) measures the time it takes for a website to fully interact. Ballast. More information. (total crash time) measures the total amount of time the page was unresponsive to user input such as mouse clicks screen taps or keyboard clicks. Ballast. More information. Measures the sum of all individual layout change results for each unexpected layout change that occurs during the page lifecycle. Ballast. More information. How system instability can negatively impact users.

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Source: you have to be aware that not everyone has access to high-speed internet neither in poland nor in the world. Many of our potential users are experiencing slow connections. In Kyrgyzstan Email List when our website takes a few seconds to load it is rejected and closed. We cant afford it which is why its efficiency and speed are so important. Information from google suggests that these metrics will evolve and adapt to current realities. So its no surprise that our site doesnt perform well after a while even if it hasnt changed at all. Website usability when it comes to a website good user experience accessibility ( ) applies to every step of its work. From the early stages of creating website architecture and functional mockups through graphic design coding and front-end layer programming.

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At the same time we cant even forget about the legitimate work of editors. Users often get lost on pages because information about specific elements on the page is unclear or individual sections are described incorrectly. In the context of the high accessibility of websites we must pay special attention to people with disabilities or certain disabilities which make it difficult for them to use the web space. In most cases they are: blind or visually impaired deaf disabled. People with physical disabilities people with cognitive disabilities people with photogenic epilepsy people with dyslexia. Dont just talk about color. To highlight certain information we cannot rely solely on color variations. People who visit our site often have problems with correct vision or color differentiation. In this case a given message (such as an error threat) or a prompt may not BTB Directory correctly by the user and be ignored.