Therefore it pays to have a clear statement of intent on the matter. Download here. It is extremely important to make society aware of the importance and necessity of transplantation. There have been many ucational campaigns but recently I saw one in a Brazilian hospital that I thought was interesting. Her slogan Who will inherit your greatest wealth? Become an organ donor. roughly translat as Who will inherit your health? Become an organ donor. Stop making excuses Domestic violence is a fairly common topic in social movements.

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A lot of work still nes to be done to raise awareness Italy Telegram Data of its nature. It is therefore important that the ideas us in these campaigns are expressive and concrete. For example the document prepar by the Lisbon institution for the Portuguese Association of Victims of Victims of this Violence. The ideas present in the graphics are combin with the overall slogan of the campaign. For most women the excuse is always the same. Report the real aggressor. Report domestic violence. Roughly translat for most women the excuses are always the same. Report the real abuser. Report domestic violence. Excellent in my opinion. One of the advantages without a doubt is that it continues to evolve.

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